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We pride ouselves in our commitment and service to our community.

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As part of our continued service, we have put together a comprehensive and effective tool for all homeowners.  This complimentary service is an extension of our continuing effort to give back to the community. 


Our goal is to provide homeowners with a working knowledge of their existing heating systems, hot water systems, fixtures and appliances.  It is in every homeowners best interest for their family’s safety to know where crucial shut offs for water service, gas meters and other appliances are located in case of an emergency.


We would like the opportunity to come to your home and provide you with our Homeowner Plumbing Evaluation Kit.  Included in this kit are dye tablets which are used to diagnose possible water loss due to toilets running constantly.  Your faucets, showers and tubs will be checked as well.  Also included are labels used to mark major shut off valves for your water, gas and water heater.  In addition, there is a checklist for proper maintenance of your appliances to ensure they perform as efficiently as possible.  All these can help save you money and extend the life of your appliances, fixtures and systems. 


To make an appointment for this complimentary service, simply call our office at

(732) 818-0508.  Someone will contact you to schedule an appointment at your convenience.  One of our experienced technicians will stop by with your kit, perform an evaluation and answer any questions you may have in reference to making your home as efficient and safe as possible.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and our community.